Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Courtship of Jim & Elaine I.2 - Time Marches On

After my humiliation that summer at Shadowland I finished High School, went off to the Colorado School of Mines for three years, then into the Army, then back at Mines after the War under the GI Bill graduating in 1948, then goofed off for several months canoeing in Canada, pheasant hunting in South Dakota and deer hunting in the UP.
About New Years of 1949 I began to feel a little useless and decided it was time to go to work. As a graduating Senior at Mines I had had several job offers from oil companies; Aramco in Saudi Arabia, Creole in Venezuela and Skelly in Texas among others but had turned them all down in favor of screwing off for a few months of freedom. No college, no Army, no job, no wife, no obligations. That's FREEDOM (made possible of course by living like a leech at Allen and Genevieve's Bed and Breakfast) Years later when younger brother John was living at the folks' B&B Elaine quoted Mother as saying "I wish John would get married, I'm getting tired of ironing his shirts."

Next: We meet again.

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