Saturday, March 14, 2009

Charlie's 2008 Odyssey IV

Charlie's message of April 14:
The Huron from Argo Pond to Dexter is another story. Paddling up to my first camp site was mostly backwater except where you get up closer to Barton Dam. Barton Dam was an easy portage. A lot of people out and about now along the river walking with dogs. I saw 8 yellow labs, 1 brown, 1 black, 1 labrodoodle, and 2 beagles while portaging around the dam. You know I have a yellow lab named Bailey who I think is the greatest dog you could ever have.

I camped on a point of land upstream from Barton Dam another mile or so that is cut off by the railroad tracks. The property is owned by a friend of Ron Sell's. Ron to the rescue. I camped next night right next to a deer trail and one came walking by just after I went to bed. It was another cold night but slept warm with my new zero degree bag. I have found most sleeping bags are over rated on temperature. Always go colder than you need.

The next day I started upstream and paddled out of the pond and into the current. From 8:00 AM to around 6:00 PM I paddled hard and steady all day, portaging, lining through rapids and wading and pulling the canoe upstream in places where I could not paddle up and made it to Delhi Mills Metropark just below Dexter. It took me 10 hours of hard paddling to make about 6 miles. The hardest day so far. Ron picked me up and I spent the night at Kay and Ron's place. They have a beautiful home on the Huron a mile north of Dexter. I slept out on their new screened porch. It was the Marriot for me after sleeping in the canoe and with such kind hospitality, a hot shower and breakfast. I did not want to leave.
The next morning after breakfast Ron shuttled me upstream. After looking at the current in a few places and only having a mile of good paddling I decided just to put in at Portage Lake. I would have had to portage or put the canoe on wheels to make it up most of the rest of the Huron anyway. I plan to go back and paddle the places I missed when the water goes down. The river still is higher than it has been in years.

So I have told you about the trip so far. The Huron was a tough paddle and a lot of work but a beautiful river all the same. I would like to paddle it again sometime but I think I will go downstream next time.

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