Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charlie's Odyssey III

Email from Charlie April 3, 2008
Hey its good to be back home again. warm bed, wonderful wife, kids and family and friends. Well at least the dog missed me...It's funny......when I close my eyes....I can still see the water rushing by.  You know you need a break when you start talking to the ducks and geese and they start talking back...I want to take time to thank everyone who has helped and/or offered...My friend and paddling pal Doug McDougall for taking me to Pte. Moullie...and then had to drive home in a snow storm...Ron Sell was invaluable and it would have been a lot harder trip thus far if he had not been there to help...he always seemed to show up when I needed help...thank you Ron and Kathy...the two young men who helped me lift my canoe and gear over the sea wall at French Landing...saving me a very long portage...The college girl student who helped me push my canoe on wheels up a steep hill when I portaged around some fast water of the river....the people of the town of Ann Arbor who helped me with directions to Les Voyagers cabin...I want to thank Mike Kelly for his help when I flipped my boat and he offered his home so I could change clothes and dry out some things in the dryer...for his prayers and encouragement telling me to keep going.  There are angels among us.....and Mike is one of them....The fellows at Les Voyagers cabin on Argo Pond and good luck to the one who was having surgery losing four toes to frost bite from an ice climbing trip to Quebec. For letting me camp at their place...and especially to you Jim for making all this happen...are we having fun yet?
Your paddling pal, charlie p
My April 3 email:
Although Charlie is a dedicated solo canoeist in the Verlen Kruger tradition I'll bet as he approached and portaged all those dams he envied Hugh Heward those extra three paddlers and carriers per canoe.
Also I think he could be forgiven if as he battled the Huron current and that headwind that he visualized how to mount an Evinrude on his Sea Wind.

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