Friday, May 15, 2009

Coach's latest adventures; Jon Holmes' log

I encourage you all to go to Coach's website and read what he has written about his UHHC experience. Click on Current Journal to read his blog, which includes his latest - and final - post about the Challenge, "May 4 - Hammond Marina to Chicago." You can also see where he will be going next. Now that we know Coach, we will be following his exploits with interest. 

I have been emailing Jon Holmes' log entries, and his account of the trip is also excellent and very instructive for those who may want to think about this or similar challenges. If you didnt' read the log entries in my emails, or to read the entire log from start to finish, click here.  Jon has also started a blog, where we will be able to follow his ongoing "Adventures on the Grand." Schedules for Jon's kayak instruction are available on his website,

I am encouraging the Intrepids to add their stories to the record of the UHHC 2009.

Jon Holmes, on the river

Nancy Anderson, Coach, Jim in Dimondale

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