Friday, May 1, 2009

UHHC Progress Report - May 1, 7:15 p.m.

7:15 PM Friday: Dan called. He said the Intrepid 3 plus Coach  camped at Warren Dunes State Park. But Toby's Tracker stopped at Grand Mere State Park which is a few miles north of Warren Dunes. Both are big parks with sand dunes and I don't suppose there is a welcome sign down at the waters edge. Mark's message from last night also says they were at Warren Dunes and has a very nice description of the park. Maybe the battery is dead in Toby's spotter. We shall see.
 I'll bet they had a fire on the beach like we did when I was a teenager in Berrien County, except no girls. Dan says its great to be out of the sight of all those million $ and multi-million $ McMansions that line Lake Michigan these days. I have looked at a lot them with Live Search Virtual Earth Birdseye View. Very pretentious and a lot of them even have swimming pools.
 Dan and Coach are catamaraned. Toby and Mark are using outriggers. All have sails but apparently they didn't do much good.
If you will look at Heward's Journal Paddle Day 24 which we sent out yesterday afternoon you will see his vivid description of their near disaster when hit by a thunderstorm. I think it happened at or near Warren Dunes.
Jon's Spotter shows that he has reached Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore just beyond Michigan City. He will probably make Chicago today. The 4 will probably sail into Chicago Sunday. Mike Smith is going to meet them there. Poor Mike has had to miss all of this Challenge due to a bad back. He paddled in what he calls "The Chicago Canyon" back in 1992 on his solo trip from Montana. Verlen ad Becky Taylor paddled on the Chicago River with him. He says it is a really impressive sight.

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