Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family Automobiles XVII

Just imagine what 102 Paw Paw Avenue looked like in November of 1950. Jim and Elaine were engaged. John was home from college. Dick and Mary were married and had two kids. Pat Ryan came to go deer hunting and Dick and Jim and Allen were getting ready to go deer hunting. That meant that at various times and sometimes all at once the following vehicles were parked on the driveways and yard.: The folks' 1940 Chrysler, Dick's 1946 Chevrolet, my 1946 Jeep, John's 1947 Studebaker, my 1949 Kaiser, Dad's truck, whatever Pat was driving and two trailers (plus Dad's War Surplus customers). Must have looked like a used car lot.
Jim has scanned a number of the automobile photographs and will be sending them along.

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