Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Automobiles XVIII

Laurel has sent me some family car photos that solve a couple of mysteries. There are two photos of the Ford V8. It turns out to be a 1933 sedan with no trunk and an encased spare tire mounted on back. The pictures are both of a "skijoring" expedition on a snow-covered road north of Paw Paw Lake. One shows the front of the car with three boys and Dad. The other shows the rear with Dick and I holding skis..I well remember having to drop the rope and fall down to avoid straddling a mail box. If I hadn't I probably would never have been able to have children.
Another photo shows a gaudy two tone, two door sedan with big tail fins and a full length curving double chrome strip.. Googling led me to identify it as a 1959 Chrysler Saratoga which I frankly don't remember. Mary Floro does. It would have been the successor to the 1951 Pontiac Convertible. Perhaps Pat does also.
Laurel also sent two photos of 2nd Lt Allen W. Woodruff in 1918. A handsome, dashing looking young officer. No wonder Genevieve fell for him. They will go in the Memorial Day Project notebook along with Dad's 1918 Army Registration which Allen found on the Internet.

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