Sunday, June 8, 2008

Living off the folks

Have you heard what Mother said one time when John was living at home? "I wish John would get married, I'm tired of ironing his shirts!" The quote is from Elaine.

I am reminded by that quote how nice it was to always have the Paw Paw Avenue house and Mom's cooking to return to when it was vacation time from college, furlough time from the Army, post-war readjustment time, unemployment time, post-graduation time or when working locally. I don't remember contributing much if anything toward the grocery bill. Certainly didn't help with taxes, utility bills, home upkeep or laundry etc. As for housekeeping we were a big, fat negative, I am sure. My guilt is somewhat assuaged by the fact that I helped Dad a lot with the War Surplus business when I was around. Dick was the only one who left the nest in a timely manner when he married Mary. But then he built his own nest right next door with all the baby sitting and entertaining-the-kids privileges etc etc that went with the location. But that payed off the folks with decades of grandchild happiness. I think the third happiest person at my and Elaine's wedding or John and Jacques' wedding must have been our liberated Mother.

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