Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Woodruff Triva & Family History

I have from time to time sent neice Pat Geisler family trivia items and sometimes she sends me back stuff. Karen thinks I should share some of my stories with all of you and Pat thinks that's a good idea. If Karen and Pat agree who am I to disagee? So I'm going to experiment and see if you all would enjoy some of my memories and stories or even some family history.
When we were quite young Dick and John would play together a lot. Dad had an office downtown on Main Street and often Mom would have to help him at the office. I would be the big brother-in-charge even though Dick was closer to my age than John's. Those were the days before dial telephones. To use the phone you would pick it up and an operator would answer "Number please?" Our phone number on Paw Paw Avenue was 20. The office phone downtown was 111. John was too young to know the number so when Dick did something to him to make him cry he would pick up the phone and yell "I want Momma!" The operator was Cora VanHorn who had the swichboard in her living room downtown. At John's call she would immediately plug 20 into 111 and turn her crank to make the office phone ring. Then Mom or Dad would answer the phone and try to deal with John's problems. Dad usually turned things over to Mom and Mom usually got me on the phone to find out how come I couldn't keep the peace.
As we growing up and doing bad things, we would much prefer being whomped by Dad than to have Mother express her disappointment. A cuff by Dad was better than a lecture from Mother any time. She could really play the guilt card.

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