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The Pratt Migration VI-Asa (Jr)

As you have seen from the last few messages, I know a great deal about Asa
Pratt Sr.  In contrast, I know very little about my great-great grandfather
Asa Pratt Jr.

He was born about 1798 to Asa Sr and his second wife Sarah Bond in Plymouth,
Vermont, right down the road from the Coolidge homestead. He grew up in Pinney
Hollow with three half siblings, children of his father's first wife, and a
brother and sister of his own.

He was married to Alpha Bartlett. She was born in 1800 in Norwich,
Vermont, the daughter of Ithemar Bartlett Jr. Asa and Alpha had four children
of whom our ancestor William Bond was the eldest. They must have lived
in Rutland, Vermont, since William was born there, but Asa died in Bridgewater,
Vermont. Bridgewater is a few miles nothwest of Plymouth in the Ottauquechee
River valley. He and Alpha are buried there in the South Road Cemetery. I
couldn't find it on the topographic map.

His estate was apparently probated in Woodstock, Vermont (Probate Vol. 13, p.
347): "Joseph Eaton of Bridgewater appointed adm. of est. for Asa Pratt
Jr., late of Bridgewater, dec'd, Apr 1839. Widow declined said trust.
Est. insolvent. Creditors incl. Timothy Pratt (his half-brother) $1.65. Widow
Alpha Pratt; minor heirs William B., three minors under 14." He was only

William would have been nearly 15, his brother Ithamer 13, his sister Mary Ann
10, and his sister Alpha E. 7. Life must have been difficult for Alpha. Her
husband died broke, she had four kids to raise and her brother-in-law was owed
$1.65. William's Uncle Moses Pratt and cousin Celesta lived in Plymouth
also. Maybe there was some family support. Certainly Uncle Timothy wouldn't
have been any help wanting his $1.65. Our ancestor William Bond Pratt left home
four years later when he was ninteen.

The 1850 Census showed that the widow Alpha Pratt, 48, was a resident of  the
Vermont Asylum at Brattleboro. She died at the asylum in November of 1870 at age
71. I think that is really sad; my great-great grandmother and ancestor to all
of us dying in an asylum.

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