Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pratt/Woodruff History-Kings Philip's War IV (Addendum)

Allen Woodruff has been doing some more research for me. He uses some sort of technical magic to find obscure sources of information on our ancestors that I was never able to find during my years of digging in the Genealogical Section of the Library of Michigan.
He was not only able to confirm that indeed Pratt ancestor William Ward was a surgeon appointed to help the wounded at New London after the Great Swamp Fight, but also he turned up the information that Surgeon Ward was killed in King Philip's War. That makes him the third of our ancestors who were killed. Allen's sources are in conflict as to when and where he was killed, but it is interesting to note that at the close of the war the Connecticut General Assembly presented his widow  (Deborah Lockwood) with a captive Indian boy " become part of her household". William and Deborah had one child, a daughter named Hester or Esther. Deborah later remarried but had no further children.
Allen turned up another William Ward who served in the war, but he was not an ancestor.
Allen also found some information on our ancestor Colonel John Talcott that was new to me but there will have to be more Emailing back and forth before I am ready to report on him.

Emailed Dec. 8

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