Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pratt/Woodruff History-King Philip's War IX

Thanks to clues dug up by nephew Allen, we are finding more ancestors or relatives of ancestors who fought in King Philip's War. So far we can add Thomas Woolson, John Bisco, Lt. Thomas Bancroft, and Moses Knapp.
Lt. Thomas Bancroft was the son of our ancestors Thomas Bancroft and Elizabeth Metcalf, and the brother of our ancestor Sarah Bancroft Woodward. He married the daughter of Capt. Jonathan Poole "...a noted and much valued officer in King Philip's War..." At least three and maybe four ancestors served in units whch reported to Capt. Poole.
Are you following all this? Remember; you carry Bisco, Woolson, Bancroft, Metcalf or Woodward  genes and DNA. Be respectful. You don't carry any Knapp genes or DNA unless your are descended from my wife Elaine. You know who you are.
There was a militia unit out of Watertown in Massachusetts Bay Colony known as the Company of Horse under the command of Captain Thomas Prentice which was involved in the Mt. Hope campaign in 1675 (about which more later). It appears that we had at least three ancestors or ancestor's relatives in that company. One was my Gx7 grandfather William Bond who was the main subject of the Bond Family Email of December 15. He is listed as a Lieutenant in the troop. Another was his brother-in-law John Biscoe. A third was Thomas Woolson, also a Gx7 grandfather of mine in the Pratt line.
I have just received a book on King Philip's War which I bought through called "Flintlock and Tomahawk". I'm going to take time to read it so that I can knit together all the threads of the conflict that I have picked up from my genealogy stuff, Allen's internet discoveries and my knowledge of New England history. Then I'll get back to you. There is still quite a bit to tell about our ancestors' involvement.

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