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Pratt Stories - The Bartram Family

I don't have good information on the immigrant Bartram ancestor other than his name was probably John and his wife's name may have been Sarah (last name unknown). They apparently had at least two children, our ancestor also John, probably their first-born, and a sister Hanna. There is an intriguing note in the book "Old Fairfield" that says "He petitioned the New Haven General Court Oct.1648 for divorce from a wife in Barbadoes, but the Court lacked knowledge off the circumstance and declined to act." Hmmm...
I am not very comfortable with the following, but I believe John (Jr) was born in Fairfield, and died there in 1740 or 1747. His wife was probably Sarah Gray, the daughter of Jacob Gray. They are supposed to have had seven children, all born in Fairfield. The first two died young. The fifth child would be our ancestor Ebenezer, the first of three Ebenezer Bartram progenitors.
Ebenezer (Sr) was born in Fairfield in April 1699, married to Elizabeth Williams (daughter of John Williams) in May of 1728 and died in Fairfield in 1769. Elizabeth was baptized in 1704 and appears to have died two days before her husband. The book "Old Fairfield" has a picture of Ebenezer's black slate tombstone (she had a seperate tombstone).
                                        Here lyes Buried
                                            the Body of
                                   Mr EBENEZER BARTRAM
                                      who departed this Life
                                         Decr the 7th 1769
                                   In ye 71st Year of his Age
Ebenezer and Elizabeth had six children, our ancestor Ebenezer (Jr) being third. There is much to be told about him.

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Peter Bartram said...

This is fantastic. Thank you for providing this on the web. I am a cousin and have been researching my side of the Bartram family. Our common ancestor is John my line is from his son David.


Peter Wildman Bartram