Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pratt Stories

Today's Email about the Garage Sale Canoe ends my Old Family Canoes series. Now I'm working on a series that I'm going to call "Pratt Stories". The first of these will be Aunt Eva the Teacher. Then I will follow with an obituary wriiten by a professional colegue of Uncle Burr. Marj Pratt Ingram is working on the story of Uncle Burr's widow and sons. Mary Thayer Floro has given me some good stuff on the Thayers and I have asked Dwan McAndrews for the story of Uncle Joe and Aunt LaVica. I am going to renew my request to Elaine Flore and George Shane for the story of Aunt Helen and Uncle Tracy. Eventually Pat Geisler and I will collaborate on the story of Allen and Genevieve. I have no hope for anything on Charlie's family although Marj Ingram was able to contact a granddaugher, I think. Maybe she can scare up at least a who's-who. I think we have done a pretty good job on Linda and Vincent's family with the Henry Pratt's Memories series but I would appreciate anything additional from them.
I will also be writing up the stories of some of your more distant ancestors such a Phineas Pratt, the first Pratt immigrant, and how his run through the snow may have saved the Plymouth Colony from destruction by Indidans; your Mayflower ancestors; Major John Talcott, Commander of Connecticut troops and Mohegan Indidans during King Phillips War; Col. Abraham Gould who was killed in the Revolutionary War; Ship Captain Ebenezer Bartram; Asa Pratt who fought at the Battle of Bennigton during the Revolution etc.
Several years ago Dan Elliot, Jean Shane's son, copied all of my Pratt/Bartram genealogical notes and charts and has since done a lot of research of his own including spending time in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately I have lost track of him or vice versa but I would still like to get him into this family loop for I am sure he would have some stories to tell.

Emailed August 24.

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