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Pratt Stories-Col. Abraham Gould III

Col. Gould's body was placed upon his horse and transported to his home in Fairfield. Elizaberth, when she buckled on her husband's sword that Friday morning, sent him to battle with the fears of a mother as well as a wife pressing on her. She had borne him nine children (the oldest being our ancestor Abigail), four of these were still children, the two youngest were mere babes.
She is said to have received the bloody corpse of her husband with Spartan calmness and fortitude; she laid away the sword and raiment as precious relics for his children and posterity,* and took up the burden of life with courage, patience and determination. Henceforth she devoted herself to the rearing and education of her children. These all grew to maturity and became useful and worthy citizens. Mrs. Elizabeth Burr Gold died at home in Fairfield September 5, 1815, full of years and honor.
* The sword, stained with the enemy's blood when picked up, is in the  possesion of her great-grandson, Abraham Gould Jennings, Esq. of Brooklyn, N.Y. (I wonder where it is now) The sash and coat were deposited in the Trumbull Gallery at New Haven, Conn.
MY NOTE: That's the end of the story from the Burr book. Consider the tragic life of Elizabeth Burr. Her husband killed in battle, and seven of her nine children died before she did. All had lived to maturity. Three boys died or drowned at sea, one at age 29 and two at age 20.
 Abigail had married Isaac Jennings (III) in 1770. Their second daughter was also Abigail, born 1776. She married Ebenezer Bartram (III) in 1803. They were the parents of  Henry Bartram born in 1811. 
This is the wording on a monument in the Old Burying Ground in Fairfield: 
This Stone is Erected by
in memory of his honored father
Col. Abraham Gould
who fell in defence of his Country
April 27th 1777 aged 44 years
And of his deceased Brothers
died at Sea June 2d 1781
aged 20 years
was drowned at New York
Octo 30th 1789 aged 30 years
was drowned on the coast of
FRANCE Decr 28th 1790
aged 20 years
** "Hezekiah Gould was walking on a plank from the wharf to the vessel in N.Y. when the end resting on the vessel fell, and he struek (sic) on his breast and was drowned." (I didn't record the source of the quote).                               

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Wow! Thank you so much for documenting that story for us. I am also a descendant of Col. Abraham Gould through his son Abraham. I wish I knew where that sword was too!

If you've written anything else about the Gould/Gold family that you think I'd enjoy, please share!

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Again, thank you so much for sharing what you know about our Revolutionary War Hero!