Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pratt/Woodruff Histroy-King Phillip's War VI

One of my Gx7 grandfathers (Woodruff side) was "Lt." Joseph Platt who was born in Milford, Connecticut in 1649 and died in 1704. He served in King Phillip's War.
 I found an entry in a genealogy book about the Kellogg family (his wife was Mary Kellogg) that states "...Joseph Platt, as he was a soldier out in the service against the common enemy, as gratification for good service, do give and grant to him ten acres of land, to take it up a mile from town, and where it lyes free not yet picht upon by any other persons."
There is another entry which says " a town meeting in was voted in consideration of the good service that the soldiers sent out of the town ingaged and performed by them in the Indian warr, out of respect and thankfullness to sayed soldiers, doe with one consent and freely, give and grant unto so many soldiers as were in the service at the direful swamp fight, twelve acors of land; and eight acors of land to so many soldiers as were in the next considerable service..."
 I don't know why Lt. Joseph got 10 acres instead of 12 or 8 but I think it is commendable that his service was recognized and rewarded.
Another Gx7 Woodruff line grandfather of mine was Samuel Newton. A Newton Family genealogy book says:
 "SAMUEL, the eldest son of Roger Newton, born Oct. 20 1646, was very active in the Milford militia, and in the Indian wars.
He was appointed Ensign in 1675, and Captain in 1698.
He was in King Philip's War, as well as in often recurring skirmishes with the Indians".
Samuel was prominent in  the political life of the colonies, representing Milford in the General Court fifteen sessions between 1691 and 1703. He married Martha Fenn, daughter of Assistant Governor Benjamin Fenn, and by her he had nine children.
I don't have anything on these two ancestors as to their units, where they served, battles etc. Maybe Allen Woodruff can find something with his search magic.
NEXT: What happened to Samuel Smedley.

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