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Pratt Stories-The Bond Family II

Following the death of our immigrant ancestor William Bond in December of 1695, an agreement for the division of his estate was made between his sons William, Thomas (II) (our ancestor) and Nathaniel, and  daughters Elizabeth and Mary. There was no mention of his second wife, the Widow Nevinson, who he married shortly before he died.
Thomas Bond (II) was born in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony, in December 1654, the namesake of his grandfather back in England. He grew up in Watertown and in 1680 married Sarah Woolson, daughter of Thomas Woolson and Sarah Hyde. She was born in Weston, Middlesex, England in 1661, before her parents emmigrated. Thomas (II) and Sarah had six children, our ancestor Isaac (Sr) was their youngest.
Sarah's father (Thomas Woolson) was a veteran of King Philip's War. He was in the same troop of horsemen from Watertown under a Captain Prentice as was his son-in-law's father, William Bond. Woolson kept a tavern in Weston from 1686 to 1708. He died in 1713, his widow Sarah died in 1721.
Isaac Bond (Sr) was born in 1698. He grew up in Watertown and became a "cordwainer", which is a fancy name for a shoemaker, or perhaps the maker of fancy shoes since the term comes from "cordova", a fancy leather. Cordova comes from Cordoba, Spain, famous for fine leather. I was once the proud owner of a pair of Cordovan wing-tips. Son Jim, after he graduated from the University of Michigan, spent four seasons in Cordova, Alaska, working for the US Forest Sevice. His main job was facilitating the sex life of sockeye salmon. I think we have followed this thread far enough, so back to the Bond family:
Isaac (Sr) grew up and married a girl named Margaret (marraige date and family name unknown). He (or they) removed to Sudbury also in Massachusetts Bay Colony (14 miles west), then Natick (10 miles south), then Sherborn (3 miles farther south). They had five children, all born in Sherborn, of whom Isaac (Jr) was fourth, being born in 1733. He was the second Isaac. Their first-born child was also named Isaac, born in 1727. He died young. It is quite common to see a later-born child with the same name as an older sibling who had died.
Isaac (Jr) grew up in Sherborn. There he married Abigail Greenwood (1737-1767), the youngest daughter of  William Greenwood and Abigail Woodward. They were married in 1758 in Sherborn's First Church. Our ancestor, Sarah Bond, was their fourth child.
Abigail's  father, William Greenwood (1689-1756), was a farmer and Deacon of the First Church. Her grandfather, Thomas Greenwood (1643-1693), was an immigrant weaver from Heptonstal, Yorkshire, England, who settled in Newton, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Abigail's mother, also named Abigail (1695-1775), was the daughter of John Woodward (b 1649) and Sarah Bancroft (d 1723), John's second wife. Grandfather John was a weaver in Newton who served as surveyor, constable and selectman. He died sometime after 1712. Grandmother Sarah (d 1723) was the daughter of Lt.Thomas Bancroft and Elizabeth Metcalf, the English-born immigrants who lived in Dedham and Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
If anybody has stayed with me this far, I am sure your eyes are glazed over by now. I'll try to avoid this much detail in the future but I wanted to demonstrate how your progenitors add up and that they were all real flesh and blood people who I think deserve our recognition by at least reciting their names.

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