Sunday, December 21, 2008

College High Jinks

I'm sure it doesn't apply to your father, Don, but I've got a story about a couple of Sigma Nus that may demonstrate the mental capacity of that particular fraternity's members: The Sigma Nu house at the Colorado School of Mines was right on the other side of the city park from my Beta Theta Pi house. One night a couple of the Sigma Nu brothers, fueled on Coors beer ( the brewery was only about a mile and a half away), got into a discussion of the power of #6 birdshot from a 12 gage shotgun. Being as how they were engineering students they decided that an experiment was needed to prove or disprove their respective theories, so the one who discounted the power of birdshot put on a heavy raincoat and went out and stood on the curb in front of the house while the other stood on the front porch with the shotgun. The brother at the curb hunched over and pulled up the raincoat to cover his head and said "let her rip!" Whereupon the brother on the porch aimed and fired. The brother at the curb instantaneously reacted like a shot soldier in a war movie and spent the rest of the night face down at the Doctor's office (there were no emergency rooms then) having birdshot tweezered out of his backside. 
Anyone else have some college stories???

      The Minn. shift was exactly as you described it. I believe it was in a diner on the main drag where I did some bussing. Can't remember the name but if I had to guess , I would say Keupies. No I never got hazed, but I did live in a sorority house my first quarter. Trouble was that it was a male frat house that year. I never joined a frat. My Dad was a Sigma Nu a jock frat but they didn't want me. Dada said he would get me in but I said if they didn't want me, I didn't want them. I had chances later to join others but by then I didn't think I needed one. 
      I did participate in a canoe tilting contest on the Red Cedar and lost in round 2. Also drifted down the Red cedar in the bottom of a canoe with a honey so you may have been concieved there. DON

(emailed July 23)

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