Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cooper's Tools - Correction

Dwan has Emailed me a correction on the saga of the cooper's tools.  W.M.Pratt to Joe Pratt to Clara Pratt McOmber to son Lanny McOmber to Brother Don Pratt.
Here is something I picked off the Internet about Don's company, Ttarp Industries (that's Pratt spelled backwards):
Based in Buffalo, NY, Ttarp designs and manufactures equipment such as die cutters, laminators, band saws and splitters for a wide range of fabricating applications for foam, plastic, rubber, textiles, adhesives and other non-metallic materials. The company, which has been privately owned and operated since 1978, prides itself on the high quality equipment and personal service it provides to its customers, primarily the small businesses that owner Don Pratt firmly believes are the key to a strong economy. (emailed July 15)

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