Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old Family Canoes

I am going to start another Email project. This one will be about old Pratt and Woodruff family canoes.  As always, if you don't want your Inbox cluttered up with this stuff let me know or use your Delete key.
This series will be about three old wood and canvas canoes, one is a Morris built about 1906 or 1907. The other two are Old Town canoes, one built in 1921 and one in 1952. The Morris was a Pratt family canoe and the Old Towns were Woodruff canoes. All three still exist.
I am a long-time member of an organization known as the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association which publishes a bi-monthly magazine "Wooden Canoe". I have written several articles about canoes that have been published in that magazine. I will be serializing two of them that have family connections.
(emailed August 8)

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