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Family Automobiles - further trivia

Note: forwarded message attached. More about the Model A and other of Dad's cars.

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I don't know a Walter Chrysler story. My favorite of all his cars was the 1951 blue Pontiac Convertable. The car in which I got the most action was the 1940 blue Chrysler Windsor. The 1924 Dodge 4-door-no-top that I bought from Uncle Henry fo $12 is what we used for hanging out at the lake with the Chicago girls including your Mother.

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Allen's love of flashy cars probably reached its zenith with the 1959 orchid, huge-finned Chrysler.
There was another car story involving a visit to Walter P. Chrysler's office, I believe?
Funny that my dad cared little for cars, examplified by the purchase of an apple green 1973 Chevy Nova, perhaps the ugliest car ever to come off the assembly line.
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Their 1928 Model A Roadster was the first Model A in town I beleive ( Dad was big on being first, he was also first with  the Ford Tractor with hydraulic controls and the first with a Caterpillar Tractor for orchard use). The Folks went to the Indianapolis 500 that year. Dad said  that on the way home everybody had race fever and wanted to race against the new Model A. He allowed as how nobody could touch him. He would have been 30 at the time

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