Sunday, December 21, 2008

My grandfather

Page  163 of the 2000 book "Reminiscing with Pearl Playford, Columns from the Watervliet Record 1959-1966" contains the following biography of my Grandfather:
"A.N.Woodruff, father of Allen W. Woodruff, local businessman and former mayor of the city, will long be remembered.  He was an early day Watervliet school teacher, businessman and State Representative.  Mr. Woodruff was born in Bainbridge Township July 22, 1850. He worked on the farm, attending school winters, until 17 years of age, when he began teaching in the district schools, later attending high school in Dowagiac, from which he graduated in 1870, after which he resumed the business of farming and school teaching alternately. He was principal of the Watervliet School in the years 1878 and 1879, but discontinued the vocation of teaching in 1880. He was Supervisor of Bainbridge Township in 1882, holding that office for two years until he was elected State Representative in 1884. In 1888 he located in Watervliet and pursued various lines of agency work until 1903, when, without solicitation, he was elected Superintendent of the Michigan Stae School for Foundlings at Coldwater, a position he held for two years, returning to Watervliet...where he resumed his insurance business. He was the first President when Watervliet was incorporated as a  village more than 70 years ago." (This was written by Miss Playford in 1962.)
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