Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paw Paw Lake Foolishness

When Dick and I were in our late teens and early 20's John was still too young to get involved in some of our Paw Paw Lake foolishnes.  Like "Bushwhacking". Our 1924 Dodge had big 21' wheels 4 door with no top and a 12volt electrical system. We used to like to go out to where the airport is now, which was then mostly open fields and wetland on our farm with the orchards. It was a favorite "Lover's Lane" for parking and necking or whatever. We would like to cruise out there on a Saturday night with our lights out and pull up to some car and surprise the couple in whatever they were doing. Or a couple couples. As you can imagine, they did not often take that in good humor. As many times as not the guy would scramble  down behind his steering wheel (maybe having to pull up his pants) with fire in his eye and vengence in his heart and start up and take after us. Of course that was exactly the reaction we were hoping for. It was our home territory which we knew as well at night as in daylight and of course the poor sap pursuing had no idea where we were leading him. We would head towards some willow marsh and plow right through with those big wheels and of course the pursuer would bog down and be stuck out in the middle of nowhere in the dark (maybe with some girl he shouldn't be out with) a couple miles from help (unless some other necking couple would volunteer, not likely). As you can imagine we would share this only with our closest and most trusted confidants---we weren't completely stupid. (May 10, 2008)
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