Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Year I Got Religion

When I was about a Junior in High School a friend (who shall be nameless) and I became aware that every Sunday night at the Plymouth Congregational Church there was an hour- long young peoples' meeting for Bible study and such and that a couple of reasonaby attractive young ladies of our aquaintance attended regularly. They usually were delivered by their folks or came wth other girls. So with the purest of motives we joined up and volunteered to deliver the two girls home after meeting time. It din't take us long to figure out that if we didn't do anything stupid, like taking them to Percy Lewis' Drug Store for an ice cream soda afterward, we could get at least 2 hours of necking in and still deliver them home at a decent hour, it being a school night and all. With refinements like using instead of one to cut down on the girl-to-girl talk this sweet arrangement lasted well into spring. We figured one hour for Jesus and two for us and the girls was about the right.ratio. .Dick was utterly contemptuous of the arrangement (mostly because he coveted the other guy's girl) but didn't blow the whistle on us. There was honor among teen-age boys in those times. (Obviously I'm avoiding naming names since families or descendents might be sensitive given that this is going into Cyberspace) (May 11, 2008)

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