Saturday, April 11, 2009

Charlie's 2008 Odyssey - Final Message

Here was my final message sent out on May 11: 
"THANKS CHARLIE.....A GREAT VICARIOUS ADVENTURE FOR THIS OLD MAN AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU.....I was with you every foot of the way with my Google Earth "Virtual Helicopter" but I never got wet or cold or tired. I did lose some sleep over you though....JIM"
Now it's on to the 2009 Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge staring April 17 at Belle Isle. I will lay it all out in subsequent messages.
The Woodruff family is going to make a $300 contribution to the Verlen Kruger Memorial in honor of Charlie Parmelee who will be paddling in the 2009 UHHC.

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