Saturday, April 18, 2009

UHHC Progress Report - Bob Bradford

This is the first I learned that Bob Bradford had given the Challengers a send off. Bob is Michigan's famous canoe racer who has done the length of the Mississippi with Verlen Kruger.Google him. On behalf of the UHHC 2009 I am honored by Bob's interest.

On behalf of the UHHC 2009 I am honored by Bob's interest.
Jim Woodruff 
On the Grand River 
in Delta Township

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Bob walked up and introduced himself to me as just Bob.  A few minutes later I realized he was THE BOB BRADFORD.  He was there giving all of us a good sendoff, and taking pictures. He also took some pictures from  the MacArthur Bridge as we passed under it.  Then again of the Challengers at Hart Plaza.  Ron and I were there too, but  only as observers.
Bob and my shuttle guy, studious  Angelo Flemings hit it off right away.  Angelo peppered him with questions about his trips and techniques. Bob demonstrated to him, on land, an air stroke to simulate a well executed racing stroke.  After that it was funny to see Angelo practicing his strokes in the air with one of my extra paddles. He might take a trip with us later.  Have you ever seen a black man in a canoe?  I have, but only when I have taken my urban friends on a ri river trip.
Bob said some of his relatives would be doing the HH50 this year instead of him and his wife - I think he said his son and grandson.

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