Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photos of UHHC

Mark, Jon, Charlie, Jim, Toby, and Dan
(Coach was already on his way back to Lake Michigan with his former student, who owns the restaurant "Spectators" in Saugatuck. We'll see him today in Portland!)

Karen posting: So much to tell about yesterday's lunch at the English Inn and Jon Holmes' visit to the Riverhouse river landing but today is the 50 mile challenge so I'm just posting this link to UHHC photos I've taken and posted on Flickr. A couple of samples below. Enjoy, see you in Portland!

In foreground: Jon (in plaid shirt) and Coach (blue baseball cap)
Sharing war stories

Brian Taylor (day one kayaker), Jim, Chuck Amboy
This picture must have been snapped BEFORE Chuck got the tab for lunch.

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