Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Charlie's 2008 Odyssey XXI

Continuing with Charlie's Final Report:
Friday May 2 2008. The last day of the 2008 Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge
After breakfast and canoes loaded we were ready to go. We were on the water by 8:30 or so....We wanted to get to Gand Haven before the thunder storms so we paddled steady. We were listening to the news on Jim's TV (My Note: A TV on a canoe trip??!!?) and it said the Coast Guard was looking for the source of an oil spill. There  was a Coast Guard helicopter flying over the river down near the mouth so we did not go out into Lake Michigan and later we heard they put the oil spill containment floats down so I doubt they would have lets us thru.
 Mike Leyer of Portland volunteered to pick us up in Grand Haven and was waiting for us at the Spring Lake boat launch. We just got the boats on the trailer and the gear loaded when it started to rain. It would have been nice to have paddled out on the lake but one last man-made obstacle changed that.
After stopping for burgers and toasting Jim Woodruff and the Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge with a celebration beer we headed home in the rain.
I would like to thank Mike for coming to pick us up.....thank you.....Dan Smith and Jim Kinney for their company on the last days of the Challenge.....I enjoyed paddling with them and appreciate them taking the time to do so....I hope to paddle with them again sometime.....I am home's May the 12th.....Saturday night....actually Sunday 1:30 in the morning and I am packed and ready for another two week adventure on the Au Sable River....sorry it took so long to finish the last report for the trip.
This is the end of Charlie's Final Trip Report. Next: His evaluation of the his canoe, wheels, paddles, clothing, sleeping arrangements and camping gear.

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