Friday, April 10, 2009

Charlie's 2008 Odyssey XXIV

The end of Charlie's Final Report:
So it is done.......I did not paddle every mile of the Huron and did not paddle thru Ford Lake because of the ice. It was a great experience for me and it was fun planning it with Jim. I want to thank Jim's family for loaning him out to me for the last couple of months.
Thanks go out to:
Ron and Kay of Unadilla Boat Works for all their help on the Huron River and Hell Creek and Portage Creek/River sections of the trip.
Chuck and Jeanie Amboy and Rich and Emma Bailey for joining me for the paddle to Hell and back portion of the trip.
Jim Woodruff and family for the pizza and beer at the Damsite Inn in Hell and the Kruger Memorial Brick....and shirt.
Doug McDougall, Dan Smith and Jim Kinney for being paddling pals....and to all the other folks who helped out with the Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge.
To my family who had to deal with my absences.
To the newspapers who gave us our minute of fame.
To all the folks who followed along for their prayers and to our Father in Heaven....the one who watches over us all....Amen.
My sincerest thanks:
Charlie Parmelee

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