Thursday, April 2, 2009

Charlie's 2008 Odyssey XVI

Continuing  with Charlie's Final Report:
As we were walking down Topith road pulling our canoes a lady pulled up in her car and laughing said....where are you going?....where is the water?.....and what are you doing here?...I suppose we did look a little silly though.
Walking down the road leading our canoes like dogs and with Doug's waders straddling the sides of his canoe it looked like someone in waders with their head down in the canoe and me with a green plastic lawn chair we found back on the state land where we camped the night before and decided we could use it at our next camp sitting on top of my gear in the canoe....looking like Beverly Hillbillys.... I guess I could understand her amusement....So I thought about it and told her where the water was and that we were going to some garage sales on the way and then she really started laughing and sped away. Doug asked me what she said and I told him she thought she knew the guy wearing the waders in the back of the canoe.
Heading south on Parks Road on the way to our next camp a local dairy farmer that lives near the corner of Parks and Waterloo-Munith Road stopped to talk to us. He invited us to his place for a snack and some cold ice water. After talking to him about the Portage Lake Swamp he said it was a wise choice not to try it..
A Schwanns truck was sitting in someone's driveway and I asked Doug if he would like some ice cream. I love their ice cream....Doug kept walking....the truck passed us and the driver waved....I told Doug we could have some ice cream....Doug kept walking....The truck passed us again....I told Doug we should have flagged the truck down for some ICE CREAM!!!!!.....Doug kept walking.....He doesn't know how much I LIKE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! We turned onto the gravel road heading for Moeckle Road and our next campsite at the bridge that crosses the Portage River......and the Schwanns truck pulled up next to me and the driver asked would we like to buy some ice cream?  I SAID.....OH YES.....YES WE WOULD......We bought a box of ice cream cookies.....6 of them and in the excitement we had blocked the road.....a lady in her car pulled up while we were dividing up the ice cream.....I gave the driver one.....and knocked on the lady's window and handed her one and said here have an ice cream cookie...and do you know of any garage sales around here?...she did not see the humor and drove away... I could not stop laughing.....I was probably at a low sugar point but the ice cream took care of that....
We made it to our campsite and made camp. With plenty of daylight left we decided to walk over to the Waterloo Farm Museum. It was closed but we looked around the grounds and buildings and took pictures....If you have never taken a tour of the Farm Museum you would not be disappointed. Doug and I have enjoyed it. When we got back to camp we made dinner and had a fire in the fire pan which is on of those small grills you buy at the party store with the charcoal already in it. It works is not a big fire but good enough. Went to bed about 10:30.

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April G said...


Thanks so much for recommending the Waterloo Farm Museum. The Farm is now open for tours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1 to 5. We'll also be celebrating Soldiers, Blacksmiths, and Michigan's Log Cabin Day June 27 & 28. Check out the website for other events:
April Gasbarre, President of WAHS