Thursday, April 30, 2009

UHHC Progress Report - April 30 8:55 p.m.

Jon's tracker shows him camped on the  beach at Grand Mere State Park southeast of Stevensville.
Toby's tracker shows the Intrepid 3 (they now call themselves The Mouseketeers) about 4 1/'2 miles down-lake from the South Haven pier. See Mark's blog for his report of being driven off the lake early by "thunderous surf" and high winds. Looks like they are windbound like Hugh and his crew was. Mark says they will peek out of the tents in the morning to see what's what and then decide.
Coach hopes to join them in the morning.
No call from Dan. I'll report on his report in the morning.

(This photo is not one taken by our boys, but grabbed off Google images to give a sense of the power of Lake Michigan. This is the Grand Haven pier; photo was in the Grand Rapids Press October 27, 2008.)

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Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

It's wonderful that you grabbed this photo as Mark stated yesterday before being sent to the beach "We just made it around the pier before we were driven off the pond"