Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heward's Journal - Paddle Days 8, 9 and 10

Continuing with Heward's journal, matching progress to our Intrepid Four:

Paddle Day 8
Friday Apl 2d 1790.  Could not get an Indian to pass the Portage but engaged one to meet us at the Fork of the River to conduct us   this Post seems to furnish good small peltrie. Sanscraint seems to have about 12 packs.  Wrote to Mr.Robertson & left with Sanscraint to be sent tomorrow.   Set off about 10 oClock   our Course up the River nearly West Nore West   the Current for about 2 Leagues exceeding Strong    the banks high but the land dry & barren abounding with Black Oak & Fern   our distance about 12 miles.

Campsite: Gallup Park at Ann Arbor?

Paddle Day 9
Saturday Apl 3rd 1790.  parted   the Weather fine  Current not so strong as Yesterday   the River much Streighter & the Course West Nore West   the banks still high but the Land still of a barren kind being a Stony thin Soil with principally Red Oak   to here there seems yet a Great Body of Water & a firm Gravelly Bottom too high yet for setting to advantage   thus far to mid Day the course West & by North   The River streighter & wider but from hence in the Summer there cannot be much Water   there is now a fine gravelly bottom   the Width of the River about 45 yds   a strong Current but able to traverse with poles any where,   our Distance about 25 miles & not yet come to the Forks.  Encamped

Campsite: West end of Barton Pond?

Sunday April 4th 1790. Obliged to remain all Day    a continual Rain. Went to look above but could not yet see the Forks  (that means he walked up the Indian trail that follows the river)    the Course at this place nearly West.

Monday Apl 5th 1790.   Continued our Rout   the course nearly West & arrived at a Villiage age at Mid day ( Delhi Mills?)    The Water still strong & on a flat Gravelly Bottom   the Country nearly as before.   about 5 oClock arrived at the Forks which from the River on a West course divides one branch South West & the other North West   that of the South West being our Course (bad mistake!)  we proceeded about four miles up & encamped near where we were to make a Mark for our Indian. I went up as far as where the Squas from the River Huron had passed where the Mark was to be made but saw no Indian   (I have never been able to figure out this entry in his journal...what Squas? He never mentioned squaws before...neither had he said anything about a mark).   this Branch is a strong deep Current but narrow   the Course nearly South by West & the country barren as before.

Campsite: "About four miles up" Mill Creek would be about where Mill Creek crosses under I 94.

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