Monday, April 27, 2009

Heward's Journal - Paddle Day 18

Continuing with Heward's journal to match the journey of the Intrepid Four, departing from Portland today:

Paddle Day 18
Sunday Apl 25th 1790.  After a rainey Night set off    from hence a number of small Islands    following to a River from the East (Looking Glass) where was a Cabin of Ottawas     the Course here nearly North with High banks & some pine trees to the East    from thence to a Village    the River very full of High banks & some pine Trees & at this Village a large Turning & Point  (David Highway?)  the Course  Nore West   arrived here at Mid Day.    from thence low Bottoms with high Banks at a Distance    very full of heavy Wood with the finest places possible for making Sugar    the River running level & deep & not a very strong Current with many Turnings    the Course nearly West    Daurrier lost a Quart Jack some Time ago (??)    put on Shore early to rig our Oars hull Corn &C.

Campsite:  Wagar Dam site?

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