Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hugh Heward Challenge - Christening the rock

Karen posting: Jim is writing up his adventures from the last couple days. In the meantime, witness the christening of the rock that will support the statue of Verlen Kruger in Portland at Thompson Field. The Intrepid Four collected water from each of the waterways they passed through on the Ultimate Hugh Heward Challenge thus far. 

Note the dog that wanders in to pose for the picture, then leaves. My guess is he assumed from the action that the rock was being used by a bigger dog and yielded the ground to him.

Coach completed the 50-miler, then returned to Holland to finish the last leg of the UHHC. His pal Jim from Wisconsin is following along on land, catching some minor league baseball games on the way. Coach plans to phone in with updates daily and he posts to his own blog when he can find public Internet access.

Jon Holmes passed through Portland between 2 and 3 p.m. Saturday and continued on his way. It looks like he camped southeast of Lyons near the terminus of Pekins/Webber Road last night. At this moment he is passing by Ionia. Follow Jon's progress on his SPOT tracker.

The Intrepid Four (I-4) have a day off and will resume their journey Monday. I caught up with Toby Nipper in the parking lot at Thompson Field yesterday and asked him if he was looking forward to a day off of paddling. "No," he said simply. "I love this stuff."

Follow the I-4 with Toby's SPOT tracker

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