Friday, April 17, 2009

UHHC 2009 Progress Report - 7:01 p.m. April 17

Call from Charlie. They have reached Pointe Mouillee, which means they are at the mouth of the Huron River where it enters Lake Erie. This is the place where Charlie started upstream on the Huron on March 28, 2008, after camping all night in the snow. They are going to go upstream a ways and find a camping spot. They faced strong headwinds coming down the Detroit River. A wind out of the south is the price they paid for the lovely warm weather. Jon Holmes has gone on ahead in his sea kayak.
They stopped and took a picture at the northwest corner of Celeron Island where Hugh's party camped.
For more GPS photos of the Challengers' locations, visit the Kruger Canoes blog.

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